If you are a new customer you can leave your phone-number on the callback form and we will give you a call back straight away. You can also call us Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm or you can send us an email


Who can open an account?
We are selling to business customers (companies) only. If you need further assistance please contact us
Companies can open an account.


How will my personal data be protected?
Your personal data and your layout data will be transferred securely over encrypted connection.


Requested method of shipment?

Our intent is to always ship via the carrier you choose (in written) and to use your shipping account number if provided; however, all the carriers (UPS, FedEX, and DHL) have different pickup schedules during the day and evening. If your order is ready for pickup after the final pickup time by your requested carrier we will change the carrier, as we assume that it is more important to you that you receive your order on time as expected rather than what carrier is used. In doing so, we will not be able to use your shipping account number. We will ship it on our account and add the shipping charges to your invoice. If you request a change to this policy, we will be glad to hold your order until the following day's scheduled pickup by your preferred carrier.

Late deliveries

We work very hard to make sure all your PCB orders get shipped on time.
There are occasions, however, when the freight carriers UPS, FedEX, or DHL have delays and/or make shipment errors.
We regret when this happens but we cannot be responsible for delays by these carriers.

Turn time for express orders

The day when the order is placed/confirmed to the customer is counted as Day 0.
For 1-3 day express orders the turn time is 13:00h CET (Monday to Friday) ( see special weekend orders )
Central European Time Zone (http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/europe/european-union/central-european-time/)

Example of counting production times for 3-days express order:

by 13:00h CET 13:00h CET 13:00h CET 13:00h CET
Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
24h production time 48h production time 72h production time

Your order will be shipped on day 3 with your preferred courier. Transit time of the courier depends from the final destination of your order. For EU counties delivery time will be the next business day (by 9h or by12h - express options). Should you have any other request please call your Sales Representative.

Guarantee turn times and quantities

If an order is placed online or by any other means, it is not guaranteed to be accepted by PCB EXPRESS until it passes our engineering review and customer's receivables account is in good standing. Online price quotation does not guarantee total order quantity and turn times. All order quantities and turn times are subject to production capacity review. If something cannot be reached we will contact you as soon as possible. For very important express orders please feel free to call us in advance.

Partial shipments schedule

We will schedule Partial shipments over a 6-month period; however, the order will be manufactured at the discretion of PCB EXPRESS to maximize Custom Spec capabilities and cost efficiencies. Purchase order should state the total amount and partial delivery dates. If for any reason this order is cancelled at any time prior to the final scheduled shipment, any or all of the completed order will be subject to a cancellation fee which may be up to 100% depending on the manufacturing status at the time of cancellation. Customer is liable for all completed product quantities.


What happens in the event of a complaint?

Please give us the information as quickly as possible. We strive to find a simple solution with you.

Please call directly your representative stating your part number and your Purchase order nr. Please fill in the Reclaim Form and send it to your representavive e-mail.

Please be aware that complaints are only valid in relation to the function of the product. In the event of a justified complaint we will promptly supply a faultless replacement product.

Warranty Period

PCB EXPRESS warrants its bare boards against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 360 days from date of shipment ("Warranty Period"). The End-User immediately, but no later than 7 working days upon receipt of the goods at the place of destination, performs an entry PCB control according to IPC-A- 600 and notifies (in written form) the defects that has been detected and exactly describes the type of the defects. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, PCB EXPRESS will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, for any bare boards that are returned and confirmed by PCB EXPRESS to be non-conforming to the order specifications and/or the applicable quality and acceptability standards, either (I) replace the bare board at no charge or (II) issue a credit equal to the original purchase price of the bare board. When a product is exchanged, any replacement item becomes the customer's property and the replaced item becomes PCB EXPRESS property. When a refund is given, the product (unpopulated PCBs) for which the refund is provided must be returned to PCB EXPRESS and becomes PCB EXPRESS property. PCB EXPRESS will not accept liability for any cost in addition to the value of the bare boards including but not limited to components, labor, business interruptions and any other consequential damages or losses. PCB EXPRESS disclaims any open-ended acceptance of liability for losses beyond the control of PCB EXPRESS.

This limited warranty does not apply: (A) to damage caused by use with non- PCB EXPRESS products; (B) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (C) to damage caused by use of the product outside the permitted or intended uses described in the order specifications; (D) to damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of PCB EXPRESS; (E) to a product or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of PCB EXPRESS; or (F) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches or dents, that does not otherwise affect the product's functionality or materially impair it use.

Please read the Storage conditions

While we cannot make any promises regarding what we might agree to in the future we are committed to do whatever is reasonable to make right any problems we may have created for our customers.



No minimum order quantity

If you order other than from our online quote matrix, there is no minimum quantity per order; however special offers can contain various minimum quantities restrictions. Check different offered options.

Order cancellation

Call your sales representative immediately if you need to cancel an order and follow up with a fax or email to confirm. Orders already in production process are subject to a cancellation fee.

Single board with less than 30x30mm in size

If you have a dimension less than 30x30mm call your sales representative to get a quote. There may be additional issues / costs associated with your smaller dimensions.

Several part numbers together and run as one printed circuit board order

You are welcome to panelize circuit boards together to make one order. To do this, all your files must come to us pre-panelized with correct routing/V-scoring path file.

Different part numbers could be shipped to you as:
- as tab routed array or
- as an un-routed array or
- as individual boards (additional charge may apply) according to your full specification drawing supplied with your Purchase order.
Please state all information in you Purchase order.


Your PCB design

Please check if the following guidelines are included in your design, so we can process your order as faster as possible.

1. Drill files in Gerber 274x format.
2. If the drill file is in ASCII format, drill size to be applied in the header of drill file.
3. Surfaces not to be used in Copper Layers or Print Layers (minimum line for fill 100mic).
4. Text, PCB name or Logo to be draw with minimum 100mic lines (get out of pads).
5. All pads to be constructed (not drawn with lines).
6. Drill files for pth and npth holes to be separate.
7. Via holes to be define in drill file.
8. Pth slots to be in separate layer.
9. Copper Layers should be without contour lines.
10. Net surface to be drawn with minimum 200mic/200mic lines/space.
11. Slivers and Pinholes to be minimum 150mic.
12. Minimum space between smd pitch on Copper Layer to be 150mic.
13. Thermal Air Gap on Negative Inner Layers minimum 200mic.
14. Same net spacing on Positive Layers minimum 150mic.
15. Avoid sharp surface edges.

16. Fabrication Print in Gerber format, showing the board outline with drill pattern and sizes.
17. ASCII text file named Readme.txt with specification details for the PCB, including thickness and surface finish.
18. Text file with complete set of contact information where the responsible person can be reached (Person Name, Company Name, E-mail) in case of urgent technical questions regarding PCB design.

Data Formats


ODB++ format makes possible shorter turn-around times because all information for the printed circuit board for manufacturers are clearly defined.

ODB++ is a fully expandable ASCII data format with the following advantages:

•All datas are included in one file. Nothing will be lost.
•As many as desired attributes for the elements of the printed circuit board can assign to describe these elements.
•There is a exact description of the graphical datas. No unnecessary filling of copper areas or pads with special forms which has to be exchanged by the pcb manufacturer.
•A layer matrix that the parts list and the total structure of the plate defines.
•ODB++ contains a CAD Netlist description on the basis those that Printed circuit board manufacturer can examine the electrical connections during the production process for their agreement with the original Design.
•ODB++ contains a position table in that the layers names, the kinds of the layer the polarity as well as the sequence of the situations in the printed circuit board is defined.
•ODB++ contains for the drill- and rout-layers the allocation which drill contact which layer.
•Graphic notes can be attached according to the kind of a post it.

Gerber 274

The Gerber format is a variantion of the conventional numerical control format. Of conventional Numerical control formats, like e.g. drilling data, it differs only by the selecting of d-codes. The data are arranged thereby in blocks what is a combination of the commands for the aperture selection, shutter mode (shutter open/close) and movement (X- Y-coordinates) The data are block-by-block processed.

For defining the apertures on the CAM-System an aperture list will be necessary which described the form and size of the apertures. This should be usually entered manually into the CAM-System. This represents a substantial expenditure for the printed circuit board manufacturer.

Example for an aperture file Example for a Gerber file
D11 round 4 G54D10*
D12 round 8 X0000Y0000D02*
D13 square 4 X0000Y1000D02*

Data Type Description
Contour one File for the Single-PCB / Subpanel
Only contour lines with minimal measures (measures for the outline, drill to contour, placement of the Single-PCB in the Subpanel)
Drill Datas one File for PTH/NPTH/sequentiel PTH
Drill Diameter defined in the Fileheader
Format should be Excellon or Sieb & Meyer
Aperture Description add the aperture table to the data record
the table should define the d-codes with form and size
Compression all datas specified above should be summarized in a compressed ZIP File. The name of the file should correspond to your designated PCB number in your order

Gerber 274x

The extended Gerber Format (RS274X) an extension of the standard Gerber Format. Contrary to the standard Gerber format an aperture information is contained already in the data file.

Example for an Extended Gerber-File



.plt (silktop),

.smt (solder mask top),

.top (top),

.in* (where * is Inner Layers No),

.bot (bottom),

.smb (solder mask bottom),

.plb (silkbottom),

.out (outline),

.mil (additional routing),

.sco (scoring),

.gtp (pastetop),

.gbp (pastebottom).

Data Type Description
Designlayers one File per Layer
Contour one File for the Single-PCB / Sub-panel
Only contour lines with minimal measures (measures for the outline, drill to contour, placement of the Single-PCB in the Subpanel)
Drill Datas one File for PTH/NPTH/sequentiel PTH
Drill Diameter defined in the File header
Format should be Excellon or Sieb & Meyer

Drill file in Excellon, Sieb&Meyer or 274X named:
.pth (plated holes),
.npth (not plated holes).
Aperture Description add the aperture table to the data record
the table should define the d-codes with form and size
Compression all datas specified above should be summarized in a compressed ZIP File. The name of the file should correspond to your designated PCB number in your order

Order status "CAM on-Hold"

There are multiple reasons that an order gets placed on hold, such as corrupt files, omitted information, or missing connections. To avoid having your order placed on hold, please see IPC_2524 standard (page 12)or check the list below:

1. A Gerber file or Aperture file is corrupt or missing from Gerber Package.
2. Missing PCB artwork file(s)
3. Missing fabrication drawing/file(s)
4. Missing README file (including PCB information and special instructions)
5. Missing aperture information/file -Missing netlist, when a netlist test is required
6. Drill file(s) and layer connectivity (blind and buried via layer combinations) not specified
7. Bad or unknown compression
8. No board outline provided
9. Missing drill file or drill size
10.Missing holes
11.Plated and Non-Plated holes are not clearly defined
12.Isolated thermals pads on Negative Polarity Layers
13.Dimensional differences between Gerber and fabrication print
14.If there is request for Impedance Control to be clearly on which layers, on which line/space and how to be the Impedance Control.
15.Layer stack-up (construction) and order of the layers is not defined (especially for rigid-flex boards)
16.Final board thickness is not defined
17.Cu foil thickness is not defined
18.Material type is not defined
19.Component PTH holes or SMD pads covered with Solder Mask
20.Surface finish is not definedv 21.Readable / Not readable text in same Print Layer
22.Layers drawn only with surfaces (no pads and lines)
23.If there are special type of vias (plugged, filled) to be clearly defined according to IPC standard 4761


In case Array/sub-panel delivery of one PCB design is requested, please save the Gerber files with no more than 1 circuit image. Our engineers will make the step and repeat images according to your multi-panel technical drawing.
- If the delivery is as sub-panel for ML is it O.K. to add copper balance on the frame of the panel on the Inner Layers
- If the delivery is as sub-panel and the material thickness is below 0.8mm is it O.K. to add copper balance on the frame of the panel on all Layers.

For multiple different PCB designs on one array/sub-panel please make sure ALL different designs to be set (pre-panelized) as one Gerber file with correct routing/V-scoring path file.

NOTE: If designs are sent as separate files, we can create the multi-panel design at additional time and additional charge. Please take this information into the consideration in case your order is Express one.

What is the standard bevel on a printed circuit board?

Our standard bevel is 30 degrees.
Optional bevel option is 45 degrees

If I only have a minor change in my design, do you charge Tooling /NRE?

When we make any change to your printed circuit board, we assign it completely new tooling. This helps prevent old artwork or CNC programming from being used. Even a minor change will require the same process as new files, so a tooling charge may apply. Please contact your salesperson for details.

Acceptability standards

IPC-A-60-11/6012 latest revision with inspection based on IPC-A-600 latest revision: Class 2

Boards with Filled and Plugged micro vias

Boards with requirements for filled and plugged micro vias are produced according the IPC-4761. Micro vias are filled or plugged with solder mask paste or conductive or non-conductive paste. Please choose the micro via type from the IPC-4761 and write this information in your Purchase Order or as text file in Data package.